BROOKLYN - Neighbors and officials are calling on the Department of Transportation to make Gerritsen Beach a safer place after a 17-year-old boy was killed Sunday in a tragic incident.

Officials say the teen, identified as Sean Ryan, was hit by a car and killed on Gerritsen Avenue. 

Residents in the area say the area is dangerous. They say people speed and drive over yellow lines to pass other drivers, and there are no bike lanes or places for pedestrians to walk.

Neighbors have started a petition for the Department of Transportation to install more traffic lights on Gerritsen Avenue.

The Gerritsen Beach Fire Department chief says there are no lights on Gerritsen south of Bijou Avenue for about a mile.

The city did install speed cameras along the road, but many say that is not sufficient. 

The Department of Transportation says it is aware of the petition and community concerns about safety and will review the area for any possible enhancements, as it does at all intersections following a fatality.