BROWNSVILLE - A 13-year-old Brownsville boy has been missing for nearly two weeks.

The family of Daniel Fifee says that these days have been the roughest of their lives. This past Tuesday was Fifee's birthday but instead of celebrating, the family was out searching for the teen.

"He's always either between me and his mother or his uncle," says the boy's grandmother, Merleen Marshall. "Anytime he goes anywhere far away from home he's always with someone. Never by himself like that."

Fifee was last seen wearing his school uniform, which is a white shirt, black pants and a black coat. Daniel was seen leaving school at P.S. 327 on April 5 before he vanished.

"I just want you to know Daniel we all love you," said Daniel's teacher, Pamela Bess.  "The kids are crying. They are really upset. I'm having problems sleeping at night, so please call your grandmother."

The family says that the police have joined the search but that there haven't been any solid leads thus far.
"I'm worried because I don't know what he's eating or what's going on with him out on the streets. It's kind of frustrating not knowing what's happening to that child out there," said Marshall.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts should call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-577-TIPS.