CROWN HEIGHTS - After a number of recent hate crimes targeting members of the LGBTQ community, residents and local officials met in Crown Heights Wednesday to brainstorm.

Officials believe being proactive rather than reactive to these types of crimes is key.

Organizing more pride rallies and parades, handing out educational fliers and partnering with residents to promote tolerance were some of the ideas that came out of the LGBTQ task force meeting.

"No one should walk down the street and be beaten with a rock because of their sexual orientation," said state Sen. Jesse Hamilton (D-20th District). "That's unconscionable."

Hamilton helped start the task force this week after recent violence. 

"We have a few people, a small percentage, who are perpetrating these crimes," said Hamilton. "The majority ... of the citizens in this community have to stand up and say, 'No, we won't tolerate this.'"

The ultimate goal of the task force is to enact legislation in the city and on the state level that will put an end to discrimination and hate crimes.