EAST NEW YORK - A pair of walkers finished up an impressive feat by walking eight days with no sleep in order to raise money to buy medical equipment for children in the Caribbean.

Joel Butcher and Earl Daniel strolled around Prospect Park for eight days, only taking breaks for one meal a day and to use the bathroom. Despite exhaustion, the pair knows their cause makes it worthwhile.

?You feel tired, but because of the needs for the children, you don?t think about the tiredness,? Butcher says.

The mission of the event is to raise $400,000 in donations to buy medical equipment for children in the Caribbean. The two men, who haven?t counted this year?s donations, walked for seven days last year.

?[The donations] are for children who would not live if they did not receive such medical interventions or [for] parents not able to afford these surgeries,? says Cecil McKie, the project?s coordinator.

After the feat, the duo received a hero?s welcome at a party in their honor, giving them another reason to stay awake.

?I?m feeling healthy, alive and energized right now,? Daniel says.