BROWNSVILLE - A second rape in a little more than two weeks at the same Brownsville public housing apartment building has left residents concerned about their safety.

Police said one attacker forced a 19-year-old onto the rooftop of the Van Dyke Houses at 414 Sutter Ave. Thursday after midnight and raped her at knifepoint.

Another rape occurred this month at the same complex. A security camera captured the second man pulling that victim from an elevator and raping her in a stairwell for nearly 30 minutes.

NYPD officials said officers who neglected to patrol the building will face disciplinary action, but the ones who failed to see the incident on camera will not.

Residents said they feel unsafe. "When you don't feel safe it's really unnerving," said tenant Esther Williams. "They really need to catch this guy."

Investigators have not linked the two men in the separate sexual assaults.

Suspect in Thursday's attackCrime Stoppers: 1-800-577-TIPS