CONEY ISLAND - Two boys at one of Brooklyn's most prestigious gifted and talented schools are facing charges related to a bomb-making recipe.

Police arrested the 13-year-olds Wednesday at Coney Island's I.S. 239/Mark Twain School after they say a teacher caught the boys trying to pass a note containing ingredients for a homemade bomb. The teens were allegedly trying to sell the recipe they found on YouTube for $5.

The boys, whose identities have not been released due to their ages, face criminal conspiracy charges. The Department of Education declined to comment on the incident.

Many parents praised the school and staff Thursday as they dropped their kids off. However, some said the high caliber of students at the school make them feel that the boys weren't serious."I don't think anyone really did anything," said a parent named Anna Bonanno. "They're probably just joking around. They're good kids, very excellent kids."

Another parent told News 12 Brooklyn that these days, it doesn't make a difference how good your child's school is because parents always have to be on high alert.