BROOKLYN - A local group is out to battle speeding in the borough, and its members are going about it in a unique way.

Members of Right of Way, a guerrilla traffic safety group, are trying to tell drivers that 20 mph is plenty fast enough. To spread the word, they went around on their bikes today installing signs that say "20 is Plenty."

Right of Way says 10 communities across the city applied for neighborhood "slow" signs and were either rejected or had their applications set to "pending" by city officials.

"The argument has been, 'It's expensive to put these signs up, it's going to take a lot of work and take a lot of approval,'" says member Benjamin Shepard. "We're here to say, 10 cyclists with some signs can put these signs up in an afternoon and we know that this saves lives. That's the point."

News 12 Brooklyn reached out to the Department of Transportation for a response, but has not yet heard back.