NEW YORK - State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced indictments against 25 people Friday in a drug-smuggling ring that stretched from Mexico to New York. 

The alleged drug-smuggling bust was dubbed "Operation Dirty Dope," and officials say they took more than 33 kilos of heroin and two kilos of fentanyl off the streets. They say those drugs total a value of around $13 million.

Schneiderman says there were "highly sophisticated compartments" to hide items in many of the cars that traveled from Arizona to the Bronx. He says it took experts two hours to open one such compartment. 

Investigators say they used confidential wiretaps and surveillance. They say the defendants were heard discussing plans to mix chemicals such as Novocain and roach killer into the heroin to add value. 

Of the 25 indicted, eight have been charged as major traffickers. Those eight could face life in prison if convicted. 

The other 17 alleged smugglers face up to 25 years behind bars