BROOKLYN - The family of a woman who died on the floor of the Kings County Hospital Center has settled a wrongful-death lawsuit with the city for $2 million.

The family of Esmin Green is claiming one small victory with the settlement, but says it won't rest until the hospital conducts a full investigation into Green's June 19, 2008 death.

Green, a 49-year-old psychiatric patient, was in the hospital's waiting room for about 24 hours when she collapsed. Video of her collapse appeared to show hospital staff stop by, pause for a moment and then walk away.

The U.S. Department of Justice cited Green's death among other abuses in a February report that documented a pattern of what investigators said was "inadequate care," violence among patients and sexual abuse at Kings County.

A separate lawsuit filed by mental health advocates against the Health and Hospitals Corporation is still ongoing.

AP wire services were used in this report.