WILLIAMSBURG - An argument over a hoverboard in a Williamsburg supermarket escalated into a fistfight, police say.

Police say they arrested three men after a brawl at Central Market, a kosher supermarket.

News 12 obtained video of the fight.

It shows a man, identified by police as 41-year-old Mark Soto, punching the store's manager and shouting.

Soto also allegedly yelled racially charged threats.

Police say Soto's 24-year-old daughter entered the store with his nephew, who was riding a hoverboard. Shoppers tell News 12 that the managers do not allow hoverboards in the supermarket.

The daughter accused two store managers, Mattis Edelstein and Abraham Speilman, of pushing her to the ground and throwing a peach at her face before the brawl, according to police. A witness says he saw a cut under the woman's eye, and family members say she also has a bruise.

The store managers are calling the incident a hate crime and accuse Soto of starting it.

Police say they arrested Soto and both managers on assault charges. None of them have a history of prior arrests.