BROOKLYN - Textbooks and calculators are a thing of the past in Brooklyn, now that the city has introduced a new digital initiative in public schools that will use technology to improve learning.

The Brooklyn International School in downtown Brooklyn is one of three schools in the borough, and 10 citywide, which recently adopted the "Digital Ready" program into its curriculum.

The Department of Education and the mayor's Office of Media and Entertainment spent a total of $3 million over three years to train school staff to incorporate the use of computers, iPads and other technology tools into their everyday learning.

Students in a class at the Brooklyn International School are working on a science project while recording themselves. Later they will learn how to edit and animate their work on the computer.

Forty schools applied to be part of "Digital Ready" this year and only 10 were selected based on how committed the schools were to adapt to technology changes. The DOE plans to expand the program to more schools in years to come.