BATH BEACH - A tenant-superintendent dispute turned violent Tuesday with three suffering acid burns in Bath Beach.

According to officials, the superintendent of a Bay 16th Street building went to a couple's door around 9 a.m. to ask them to lower their music. Witnesses say as the man was leaving to unclog a bathtub, Alberto Sanchez went after the superintendent with a knife in the hallway.

Tenants who saw the incident say the superintendent threw household acid on the couple. The couple reportedly ran into the street, where they stripped off their clothing due to the burning sensation.

EMS says the acid also got on the superintendent. They were all transported to the hospital, one with serious injuries.

Witnesses describe the couple as "problem" tenants, but others say the super harassed the couple. Police say the super will be charged with assault and Sanchez will be charged with menacing and criminal possession of a weapon.