BROOKLYN - (AP) - Three men have been charged with murder in thefatal stabbings of two men on a New York City subway over theweekend, police said early Friday. The men were charged with second-degree murder late Thursday.One suspect, 19-year-old Brenddy Garcia of Brooklyn, was alsocharged with criminal possession of a weapon. The other suspects are Franklin Varella of New York City andDiogenes Hernandez of Queens, both 21. It wasn't immediately clear early Friday whether they hadlawyers. Police had said earlier that one of the men had madestatements implicating himself in the stabbings. Darnell Morel and Ricardo Williams, both 24, were killed in thefight that started around 5 a.m. Sunday on a 2 train heading southalong Manhattan's west side. A third man was wounded and treated ata hospital. A witness told reporters the men meant to toss the trash out anopen train door but instead hit a man standing near the door, andthe man flew into a rage and pulled a knife from his jacket.Investigators now believe the two groups had been provoking eachother, which started the fight. No image was captured of the knife-wielding man because nosecurity cameras are at the Greenwich Village station. But even ifthere had been a camera, it might not have been working, as abouthalf the 4,313 security cameras installed along New York City'ssubways are inoperable. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority said it is working tomake all the cameras operable. Nine hundred additional cameras willbe working by June, the agency said.