BROOKLYN - Some residents are in for a change in their commutes, as subway service at three G line train stations is being suspended for five weeks due to repairs.

Starting Friday night, the Greenpoint Avenue station in Brooklyn and the 21st Street and Court Square stations in Queens will be closed.

Shuttle buses will provide additional transportation to open stations in the meantime.

Commuters will also be able to use the East River Ferry, which is slated to open July 31.

The goal of the construction is to repair damage the line sustained during Superstorm Sandy. MTA officials say that during the storm, three million gallons of salt water flooded the tunnel, submerging many tracks and equipment. This led to corrosion damage in the tunnels.

The G line will still operate between Church and Nassau avenues.

Crews will be working around the clock to have the repairs completed as soon as possible, which they anticipate will be on Sept. 2.