(09/20/10) BROOKLYN - Three witnesses took the stand today in the murder trial of a Brooklyn newborn.

The first witness to take the stand today was Dr. Saira Tandon, a resident at Lutheran Medical Center in 2007 who treated Sergio when she was brought to the hospital after officials said she gave birth. Tandon said it was obvious that Sergio had just given birth, even though she says Sergio claimed not to remember.

Sergio and her lawyers claim she is suffering from amnesia and does not remember anything. Joseph Senisi, a retired NYPD officer of 20 years, broke down on the stand after seeing a photo of the infant. He said he found the lifeless infant in a trash bag on the family's back porch. Senisi said he brought the baby inside because it was cold outside and called for an ambulance.

Finally, Officer Peter Aponte took the stand and said he secured the crime scene after Sergio's sister led him to the back porch.

Last week, a judge allowed Laura Sergio's sister, Andria, to assert her 5th Amendment right and not testify.

Laura Sergio's OBGYN is expected to take the stand tomorrow.