BROOKLYN - Police say they are questioning three people in connection with Monday night's shooting in Red Hook that left five injured.

According to multiple reports, those are the two suspected shooters and the suspected driver of the SUV who drove to the Red Hook Houses on Dwight Street.

One of the shooters has already been identified as 19-year-old Marquise Frederick, also known as "Kiki."

Police say he is part of a gang at the Gowanus Houses that came to the Red Hook Houses Monday night - allegedly in retaliation to a shooting that had happened hours earlier.

Investigators say Frederick was the one who came out of the SUV and fired at the victims as they stood outside their home.

Several of those victims remain hospitalized, though all are expected to survive.

One of the victims, 19-year-old Special Houston, was 20 weeks pregnant and lost her unborn child after being shot in the chest and backside.

Houston's boyfriend, 20-year-old Devin Smith, was shot once in the leg.

Smith and his sister, 22-year-old Deanna Smith, have been released from the hospital.

Police have not identified the other suspects. No charges have been filed yet in the case.