BEDFORD-STUYVESANT - A third suspect in a shooting of a Brooklyn cab driver turned herself in to the police Thursday morning.

The suspect, Ivana Pittman, insists, however, she was not the one to pull the trigger during last week?s armed robbery in Bedford-Stuyvesant that left a taxi driver, Enois Malbranche, without an eye.

"I just want to give my condolences to Malbranche," Pittman says. "It just makes you wonder who you can trust now. I hope to never go through this again."

Earlier in the week, police arrested Pittman?s two friends, Erica Belgrave and April Pierce, who both face numerous charges, including attempted murder. Pierce?s father says his daughter told him that Pittman was the one to shoot the cab driver, but Pittman?s attorney, Wilson LaFaurie, maintains that her client is innocent.

LaFaurie says a lie detector test administered by the police will prove his client did not open fire.

"We believe their polygraph statement is going to confirm ours, meaning she was not a part and she did not play a part in having a gun,? LaFaurie says.

Pittman is expected to be arraigned on charges at 9 a.m. Friday.

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