BROOKLYN - Four men were arrested in connection with an alleged attack on a 24-year-old Jewish man early this morning.

Police say the victim was punched by a suspect within a group passing by on 18th Avenue near East Second Street in Borough Park.

The victim was allegedly punched as he was coming home from work. He alerted police, who moved in and made a quick arrest.

Video surveillance footage from a Chinese restaurant near where the attack occurred may have captured the entire incident.

News 12 Brooklyn has been told the Hate Crimes Task Force is also investigating the incident.

Local politicians say this is the latest attack in what’s known as the "knockout game" that has targeted Jewish people in Brooklyn, specifically Crown Heights and Midwood, over the last few weeks.

Both Assemblyman Dov Hikind and City Councilman David Greenfield, who represent the area, are linking the assault to the dangerous "knockout game,” in which participants seek to knock out unsuspecting victims by punching them as hard as they can.