FORT GREENE - Three people are in custody and police are talking to a fourth person after a shootout with officers Wednesday night in Fort Greene.

Police say two officers and a lieutenant in plain clothes drove past the suspects in an unmarked SUV on Park Avenue at around 10:45 p.m. The officers turned back toward the men, which is when they say two of the three suspects began shooting at the car, hitting it several times but missing the officers. The officers immediately fired back and the suspects fled the scene.

Officials say the officers were not injured, but they have been taken to Methodist Hospital for tinnitus. They say one of the suspects was shot in the leg and is in custody at Beth Israel Hospital. The police have four people in custody, including someone they say helped the injured suspect get to the hospital.

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton addressed the incident Thursday.

"We believe one of the shooters is on parole for a previous gun violation. An issue we're seeing more and more of is a significant growth in the number of our parolees engaged in the reoccurrence of crime," says Bratton.

Police still have the scene blocked off as they continue to investigate.