BROOKLYN - A five-alarm fire broke out in Prospect Heights this morning, leaving five firefighters and one resident injured.

Fire officials say the flames ignited inside a four-story building at 816 Washington Ave. According to officials, the top three floors were residential, but vacant at the time of the fire. The first floor housed a deli, which was completely gutted.

Firefighters who arrived on the scene tried to extinguish the flames from the outside because they say the top floors collapsed like pancakes, which caused a brick to fly off the building and hit a firefighter in the face. The fire and smoke also spread into two adjoining buildings.

Ali Almansouri, the owner of the ravaged first-floor deli, says he doesn't know how he will support his seven children after losing his livelihood.

The cause of the fire is being investigated. Meanwhile, fire officials are working with the New York City Department of Buildings to secure the ravaged structure, which they say is unstable.