BROOKLYN - A group in Bed-Stuy is trying to help prevent deaths at the hands of police following a fatal incident involving a Staten Island man.

The organization, 500 Men Making A Difference, aims to answer the question, "What should you do if you're stopped by a police officer?" They say by doing this, they hope to help minorities in the community establish a better relationship with police.

Their efforts were influenced by the controversial death of Eric Garner, who was put into what appeared to be a chokehold by the NYPD. The group says if the person stopped believes they are innocent, a natural reaction is to say "get off me" or pull away, but that can sometimes be perceived as resisting arrest.

They instead teach youth how not to be combative if they are stopped. The organization listens to teens and then offers advice on how to prevent a bad outcome.

In response to Garner's death, Commissioner Bill Bratton says the NYPD is going to retrain its entire force of officers so they can do their jobs as safely and effectively as possible.