BROOKLYN - The Brooklyn district attorney?s office indicted six people Wednesday and charged them with selling crack cocaine, heroine and prescription drugs out of two Bay Ridge homes.

Police raided the alleged crack houses on 93rd Street Friday after neighbors complained of people constantly coming to the houses, having shouting matches outside at night and engaging in suspicious activity.

Authorities have been investigating the drug houses since January, which led to Friday?s raid.

The district attorney announced the 34-count indictment on Wednesday. Three of the suspects are charged with first-degree conspiracy, and if convicted, they may face a maximum sentence of 25 years to life.

District Attorney Charles Hynes says another suspect is still on the loose, but he reassured the public that he will be caught.

Community Board 10?s chairperson hopes the raid will help alleviate the drug problem throughout the district, saying they are getting more and more complaints about drug activity.

Community Board 10 urges all residents to continue reporting incidents of drug activity they witness.