PROSPECT HEIGHTS - Thanks to a $30 million educational donation, seven Brooklyn elementary schools will now be able to continue helping students communicate and build healthier relationships in the classroom.

P.S. 9 in Prospect Heights is one of the schools benefiting from the donation from National University, the Sanford Education Collaborative and private donors.

With the funding, the school is now taking part in the Sanford Harmony Program, an educational program that teaches children about empathy, problem solving, critical thinking and getting along with one another. The program is free and teacher training and supplies for the all activities are included in the donation.

"We are appreciative and it fits into our vision and our mission for our school, which is looking at the whole child and educating the whole child," said P.S. 9 principal Sandra D'Avilar.

The $30 million donation will also go toward the Sanford Inspire Program.