(08/31/10) BROOKLYN - Authorities say an officer from the 84th Precinct has been suspended without pay in connection to an 11-year-old girl?s fatal asthma attack.

Cops say Alfonso Mendez stopped Brianna Ojeda's mother when she was driving the wrong way on a one-way street in an effort to get her daughter to a hospital. When she told the officer about her daughter, NYPD officials say Mendez failed to take proper police action.

Mendez was identified through gas card records, according to officials. The 76th Precinct widened its search after witnesses were unable to identify any of its officers as the one at the scene. Logs show Mendez filled up his police cruiser with gas at the 76th Precinct on his way from Brooklyn traffic court.

Police say they never showed Ojeda's mother any pictures because she was too upset and her father wasn't home.

Officials say witnesses from the scene have also identified Mendez from his picture.