BROOKLYN - After one company already dropped out of redeveloping the Bedford-Union Armory, a group of local activists is calling to get rid of another.

The plan by developer BFC Partners would transform the armory into a multipurpose complex with housing, recreational facilities and commercial space.

However, some activists with the Crown Heights Community Council have been at odds with the city and want the whole project scrapped, saying it would not help those who truly need affordable housing in the neighborhood.

Another sign of uncertainty regarding the project is New York Knicks player Carmelo Anthony, who pulled his backing from it. His foundation was set to contribute money for the development's sports center.

According to multiple reports, the armory's original developer, Slate Property Group, dropped out following pressure from City Hall. But BFC Partners still plans on pushing forward.

Activists say the city should eliminate its partnership with the remaining developer and choose a nonprofit that can deliver what they call true housing to the area.

"Revitalizing the Bedford-Union Armory will provide the Crown Heights community with much-needed affordable housing, affordable office space for nonprofits and local organizations, and free or low cost recreational programming and facilities," a BFC Partners spokesperson says in a statement. "We will build the housing component of this project without any city funds, which frees up the city's resources to create even more affordable housing for low-income families in Crown Heights and across the city."