NEW YORK - Actor Malik Yoba took a walk down memory lane with News 12 during his visit to the city.

Although Yoba has not been down to his home at 1571 Undercliff Ave. in the Bronx in several years, he now calls Brooklyn home.

Yoba's numerous film and TV credits include "Cool Runnings," "New York Undercover" and season one of Fox's "Empire."

The 47-year-old says his interest in acting goes back to his youth in the Bronx.

"It started in the Bronx, absolutely," Yoba said of his acting roots. "Actually my building over there, we used to do plays in the living room, used to make series and make up stories and charge our parents a quarter to come see us."

While making his name in movies and TV, Yoba initially wanted to be on Broadway. He says the dream came after seeing an off-Broadway production of "Alice in Wonderland."

Yoba and his mother, who is also his assistant, are using their time in the city to walk their old neighborhood. They will return later this month for the Bronx Walk of Fame induction ceremony.