BROOKLYN - One of the men who accepted a plea deal in connection with Detective Peter Figoski's death testified today that Lamont Pride and getaway driver Michael Velez were at the scene of the murder.

Figoski was killed during a botched robbery in Cypress Hills back in December 2011.

Ariel Tejada's testimony places Pride and Velez at the murder scene. Tejada stated the men decided one night to commit a robbery and take some marijuana and money from a home on Pine Street. Admitting he felt uncomfortable around the guns they brought, Tejada says Velez and Pride went into the house first.

During a cross-examination, Velez's lawyer pointed out that Tejada was a former gang member who had plenty of chances to lead a law abiding life but chose crime instead.

Officials say Figoski's father was rushed to the hospital during the proceedings. The judge later told the jury that the father was not feeling well but that he should be OK.

The two other men who accepted plea deals, Nelson Morales and Kevin Santos, will stand trial at a later date.