BROOKLYN - A community advocate in Brownsville is blaming a new song for inciting violence in the neighborhood. Since Friday night, five people have been shot.

Anthony Herbert, a neighborhood advocate, says rapper Fishgrease Jenkins has glorified gun use and violence in his new song, ?I?m From East New York.? The song includes lyrics that say guns speak louder than words on the streets of East New York.

Also in his single, Jenkins directs criticism toward police officers in the 75th precinct. A blog on his record label?s Myspace page reads, ?at least two arrests of innocent people are made everyday?arrest first and ask questions later. So of course we view them as enemies rather than allies with the war on crime.?

Police are investigating the five shootings, but have made no arrests. Despite the recent rash of shootings, crime in the 75th and 73rd precincts has decreased since last year.