HARLEM - The alleged victim of a sodomy attack inside the Prospect Park train station spoke out Saturday morning, calling for a fair and impartial investigation.

Appearing at the National Action Network in Harlem with his attorney and Rev. Al Sharpton, Michael Mineo repeated his claim that NYPD officers assaulted him with a walkie-talkie antenna in mid-October.

Mineo, 24, presented his case before the Grand Jury Tuesday, and soon after a transit officer came forward, confirming the fact of the assault.

According to Rev. Sharpton, Mineo admitted to smoking pot at the time of the incident, which prompted him to run from the police officers. He says the officers caught up with Mineo and sodomized him when he stopped to get his Metrocard.

Limping on a cane, Mineo says he is still recovering from the attack. He suffers from bowel problems and attends counseling sessions to deal with the psychological trauma.