NEW YORK - Weather experts say that pollen counts are at the highest they've been all year, and News 12 sat down with an allergist to find out how to get through the worst of allergy season.

Dr. Charles Shapiro says he's seen double the usual number of patients walking through his doors the past couple months, at about 60 people a day. He says the peak time for tree pollen has just passed, but now allergy sufferers must deal with grass.

For those experiencing itchy eyes, runny noses, scratchy throats and sneezing fits, Shapiro says that over-the-counter medicines don't always work for those ailments. Instead, he says an allergy shot may be necessary.

The key to making it through the season, according to Shapiro, is to avoid the outdoors during peak pollination times such as early morning and mid-afternoon. Driving with the windows up, showering after a day outside and washing clothes that can trap pollen are also recommended.

Allergy season typically ends around July 4 before making a comeback in September.