BROOKLYN - An ambulance corps vehicle was disabled by a boot this morning because officials say it did not qualify as an emergency vehicle.

Volunteers report that the incident occurred right in front of their base on Greene Avenue, where ambulances have been parking for the past 20 years.

The city's Department of Finance stated that the owner of the vehicle owed a total of $1,729.02 in outstanding parking tickets. It further stated that the vehicle has a passenger plate and did not qualify as an emergency vehicle. The Department of Finance says outstanding parking violation notices have been returned due to an invalid address in Binghamton.

Commander Rocky Robinson says the nonprofit uses the van to teach children about CPR, first aid and life-saving techniques.

He says he paid the city $2,100 for the boot’s removal.

This follows a similar incident last month, in which a Bed-Stuy volunteer ambulance corps vehicle was booted in error.