BROOKLYN - The latest political corruption case to hit Brooklyn has one analyst worried about the reputation of politics in the borough and some wondering how it will affect voters' decisions.

Assemblywoman Diane Gordon is the most recent politician in Brooklyn in trouble with the law. She is accused of demanding a free house in exchange for helping a developer win a lucrative deal. In addition to Gordon, former Democratic Party leader Clarence Norman was convicted of election law violations and former Assemblyman Roger Green resigned after he was convicted of stealing state money.

Despite the claims, Gordon has vowed to run again, leaving some to question how voters will react. One voter said once politicians hold office they think they are above the law.

Meantime, political strategist Michael Tobman says he is worried that Brooklyn politics are getting a bad rap. He says everything that is going on is due to heavy handed tactics by the District Attorney's office.

Gordon faces 15 years behind bars if convicted on bribery charges.

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