EAST NEW YORK - An East New York animal shelter says some furry felines that were abandoned at its doorstep are still in need of good homes.

"We walked in, in the morning before we even opened, and just found some milk crates in a shopping cart and cats that were tied into the milk crates," says Ana Zgaljardic, a supervisor at the Brooklyn Animal Care Center.

The cats, which were abandoned more than a week ago, are between 5 weeks and 3 years old.

"Those are a lot of cats that were tied up in front of the shelter on several different days in the same exact way," says Zgaljardic. "We also want to let people know that there are better ways to surrender animals than just leaving them tied up to the shelter."

While the center does have security cameras, officials say they might not be able to determine who abandoned the animals.

Some of the cats have been adopted, but others remain in the care of the shelter.

Since the shelter is already over capacity, it is offering a special deal to prospective pet owners: a $5 adoption fee for adult cats and $20 for kittens 6 months and under.

All of the cats have had their shots and are spayed and neutered.