BROOKLYN - Another teenage brawl broke out inside a McDonald's in Brooklyn, this time injuring several people and sending one woman to the hospital.

The fight, which happened on Flatbush Avenue Extension in Fort Greene right after school let out last Friday, was caught on camera and posted online by a witness.

The video appears to show two girls, one identified as Elizabeth Ballinger, throwing punches at each other, with some people trying to stop it. An older man then tries to intervene, but a group of boys attack him and chase him out of the restaurant.

Ballinger, 17, says that she is experiencing serious pain in her back and can no longer walk straight after the brawl. Ballinger's parents have hired an attorney and are claiming their daughter was attacked by strangers for no reason.

The incident comes just months after a similar brawl at another McDonald's in the borough. Six teen girls were arrested, with one facing felony gang assault charges.

Community activist Tony Herbert held a press conference Thursday denouncing the violence and calling for the teenagers to be sent to jail for their behavior.

Police say they know the suspect's name, but have not yet made any arrests.