A local anti-war group met with a Brooklyn congressman today to make its case for a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

President Barack Obama says he understands Americans' skepticism about launching military action, but it comes down to the question of whether or not it is a responsibility the nation is willing to bear.

About a dozen members of the group Brooklyn for Peace met with Rep. Hakeem Jeffries in an hourlong meeting to voice their opposition to U.S. intervention in Syria.

The group says it told the congressman that many in Brooklyn are concerned about the United States getting into another war in the Middle East.

While Rep. Jeffries agrees that the U.S. must do something to address the allegations of chemical weapons being used in Syria, he says the decision to put American lives at risk is sobering and a tough one to make.

Members of Brooklyn for Peace say they support a diplomatic solution and the accused should be tried in an international criminal court.