GRAVESEND - Police have arrested 26-year-old Andrew Jackson in connection with the assault and death of Liberty Coin Company owner Steve Halfon last week.

Police say last week, a group of five men ambushed 61-year-old Halfon as he was leaving his Kings Highway business. According to eyewitnesses, Halfon was attacked and beaten, then forced into a car. His body was later found dumped on East 7th Street and Avenue N, and Halfon died by the time he was brought to the hospital, having suffered from serious head trauma. Nearby business owners say Halfon often carried a suitcase of coins with him, which may have been a motive, but police are still investigating the deadly assault.

Jackson was identified via fingerprints on the car police were investigating, and was arrested in Staten Island before Hurricane Irene hit. He has been charged with second-degree murder.

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