BROOKLYN - An artist had to cut up her massive sculpture in order to transport it from Gowanus to Riverside Park in Manhattan for a public art exhibit.

Sculptor Natsuki Takauji's piece of art, called "Window," is 13 feet high, 20 feet long and 15 feet wide. Takauji says that there are a lot of legal issues associated with the transportation of the piece, because if it is too big it can be dangerous.

Once the piece is delivered from Serett Metalworks to the exhibit, Takauji will have to put the piece back together again.

Takauji is one of seven artists hand-picked by the Art Students League of New York for its Model to Monument public sculpture program, or M2M. The program is a partnership with New York City Parks and trains artists to create work for public spaces.

The sculptures will be at the park for one year starting June 12.