PROSPECT PARK - Four massive sculptures have found a new home at Prospect Park.

Artist Carolee Eisner's work is now on display for all to see. The sculptures named Skipper, Dancer, Zerques and Valentine II were installed in the park Tuesday.

The city Parks Department helped Eisner with the installation of the sculptures. Dancer is located near Grand Army Plaza, Zerques is positioned near the Fifth Street part of the park and Valentine II and Skipper are inside the park.

"I definitely think having art in the park is a great way to get people thinking about how to see things differently, and it just brings a different element to the park other than what's normally here," says Elizabeth Masella, of the Parks Department.

Eisner says her work is on display throughout the Northeast. She says this is the first time any of her public work has been in Brooklyn.

The sculptures will be on display in the park for a year.