BROOKLYN - Two Brooklyn women are using their artwork to respond to some of Donald Trump's controversial comments.

Sarah Sandman says she believes Trump's comments have been misogynistic. At one point in his presidential campaign, the Republican candidate called Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly a "bimbo."

Andrea Lauer, a costume designer, has teamed with Sandman on a collaborative "wall of women against Trump," she says.

They named the project "Brick by Brick" and designed a series of brick-pattern jumpsuits for women.

"To essentially subvert Trump's building of walls and create our own wall of female unity," the artists say.

The patterns will be broken up by patches that contain negative Trump phrases.

The artists are trying to raise money for the project on Kickstarter and plan to have helpers wear the jumpsuits in swing states in a voter-registration push leading up to the election.

They say they think the finished project will have a positive impact on society.