BROOKLYN - Brooklyn Assemblyman Dov Hikind has returned from his visit to Israel.

Hikind left for Israel on July 15 during the country's latest struggle with Hamas militants. Reports say Israel's offensive on the Gaza Strip has killed over 560 Palestinians, while 27 Israelis have died since fighting broke out two weeks ago.

Hikind told News 12 that the situation was "terrifying" and "eye-opening.”

The assemblyman says he made the trip to Israel to show solidarity with the families living with violence and the constant threat of missiles.

Hikand, who documented his trip with video, says he visited every major city, and met with mayors and people on the street. One image that struck in his mind was that he didn't see any adults or children in any park. 

He said he does not have any plans to return to Israel right away, but he is urging others to visit and show their solidarity.