(08/31/10) SUNSET PARK - Police say they are still searching for the "man in uniform" who hindered a mother from getting her daughter to the hospital after an asthma attack.

Brianna Ojeda, 11, died Friday after suffering the attack. When she first suffered the attack, her mother says she tried to rush her to Long Island College Hospital by driving the wrong way on a one-way street. Her mother says a "man in uniform" in a "marked vehicle" blocked her from moving. When she explained the issue to him she and witnesses say the man said he didn't know CPR. Ojeda eventually reached the hospital, but it was too late.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly insists that the NYPD is doing everything it can to find the person. He says police have shown the family a picture of every officer in the precinct, but the family says it has not been contacted by the police department, nor has it seen any photos.

Brianna Ojeda's funeral will be held tomorrow morning.