BROOKLYN - Burglars broke into a nail salon in Cypress Hills overnight in order to steal from an ATM inside.

Police say the suspects came in through the ceiling of the nail salon located at Liberty and Autumn avenues.

"I just think that the people who did this, they're cowards and you guys need to get your life together because this is unacceptable," said Latoya Waldropt, a customer at the salon.

Customers were disgusted when they found out that their favorite nail salon had been ransacked.

"It makes me very upset because it's just like, this is his business. The ATM has absolutely nothing to do with him, so for you guys to kind of, like, destroy his business like this, I think it's totally inconsiderate," Waldropt said.

An employee of the salon told News 12 that nothing was caught on the surveillance camera because the suspects cut the wire to their cameras. However, there is an NYPD surveillance camera directly across the street from the store.