(05/09/08) CROWN HEIGHTS &舑; One Brooklyn attorney says a grand jury investigation into a Crown Heights assault that took place last month is not warranted.

Attorney George Farkas says the case involving an alleged attack on a man by a group of Jewish individuals does not need a grand jury investigation. Farkas calls the move ludicrous, and says it sets the wrong precedent.

Andrew Charles, 20, claims he was jumped, beaten and maced by a group of Jewish men in April. Charles says he had a friend with him who witnessed the assault. The district attorney has now called a grand jury to investigate.

However, Farkas says the grand jury investigation is an unnecessary step because Charles was not killed or seriously injured. The lawyer says the district attorney will now have to start a grand jury investigation for all similar cases. Farkas also feels District Attorney Charles Hynes is giving the case special treatment because Charles is the son of a police officer.

Charles&舗; mother is outraged by the attorney&舗;s view, and says no one has to die or be seriously hurt to spark a thorough investigation.

DA Hynes says the grand jury has just started its investigation, and he is going to allow it to do its work.

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