NEW YORK - (AP) - His defense attorney says New York Mets closerFrancisco Rodriguez is in plea talks and anger management classes.

Attorney Christopher Booth spoke Thursday after Rodriguez'sbrief appearance before a Queens judge.

Rodriguez faces charges that he assaulted his girlfriend'sfather and then violated a restraining order stemming from theincident.

Booth said he hopes to "resolve" the case by the next courtdate, Nov. 10.

Rodriguez wore a blank expression and did not speak to reportersas he left the courthouse.

He's accused of grabbing 53-year-old Carlos Pena after an Aug.11 game at Citi Field and hitting him in the face. The 28-year-oldreliever is accused of later sending text messages to Pena'sdaughter, Daian Pena.

Mets' Francisco Rodriguez charged with assault