BROOKLYN - Defense attorneys for Cesar Rodriguez continued to present their case before jurors in the Nixzmary Brown murder trial, but have come up against some obstacles.

Defense attorneys said that they?ve subpoenaed several potential witnesses, including doctors and social workers, but have not gotten any cooperation.

?We?re not getting the cooperation that we?d like to get, but that?s okay,? said Jeffrey Schwartz, Rodriguez?s lawyer. ?We?re not going to give up. We?re not going to just leave them floating out there. We will bring in the witnesses and we will compel the court to bring in the witnesses to prove our case.?

Rodriguez is accused of beating his 7-year-old stepdaughter to death two years ago. On Friday, his attorneys called NYPD Detective Steven Sneider, who testified about the contents of Rodriguez?s wallet at the time of his arrest. According to Sneider, his wallet contained a security guard ID and medical benefits cards. The defense attorneys argue that these show that their client was providing father.

Rodriguez?s defense team argues that it was Nixzmary?s mother, Nixzaliz Santiago, who murdered the little girl. They intend to call Nixzmary?s grandmother next week to bolster that argument.

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