CROWN HEIGHTS - A Brooklyn mother is suing the state for placing her autistic son in a facility where he was allegedly abused.

Rozanna Marabello says her 24-year-old autistic son, Nicholas, was violently abused in the group home where he lives on New York Avenue. Nicholas was hospitalized last Saturday with a broken rib. In addition, his body is covered with bruises and deep cuts.

Marabello is unable to afford private care, so Nicholas was placed in a group home by the state, which she claims is unsuitable for autistic people. She says he was beaten by an employee at the home.

Nicholas was released from the hospital on Friday and temporarily placed in another home. The family?s lawyer, Andrew Friedman, says this is the worst case of abuse he has ever seen.

"There was apparently a systematic whipping of this young man and it's outrageous," Friedman says. "You wouldn?t treat a dog the way this disabled young man has been treated."

Staff members at the group home declined to comment on the allegations.