EAST NEW YORK - Bags filled with dozens of needles were found scattered on the streets of East New York.

The needles were spotted Monday at around 10 a.m. at Schenck and Liberty avenues. Residents say a man driving a white truck dumped the bags, one of which busted open and left the syringes strewn across the street.

Witnesses say the man then looked back to see if anybody saw him, jumped into his truck and took off.

Neighbors say they immediately called 911 for police to come and pick up the needles. Officials did not respond to the scene after an hour, but the needles were gone when residents returned later in the day.

Neighbors say they are left with questions as to why someone would improperly dispose of the needles where someone could have gotten hurt.

Police have yet to respond to a request for comment.

There are proper ways to dispose of home syringes. The City Department of Sanitation says all state hospitals and nursing homes are required by law to collect sharps-approved containers. Never place needles or sharps in the trash. Improper disposal of needles can lead to a $250 fine.