BOROUGH PARK - A victim whose valuables were stolen from his safe-deposit box during a bank heist in February filed a lawsuit against Astoria Federal for ignoring signs of the impending robbery.

Leiby Goldberger is suing Astoria Federal Savings Bank in Borough Park for negligence after robbers broke into the branch and stole 60 safe-deposit boxes, including his.

"Everything was in there that I worked for because that was the safest place and now it's all gone," Goldberger says.

Investigators say the thieves used a blowtorch to cut through the bank's roof by disguising their actions with a fake chimney. Police believe the suspects worked over a period of days while hiding the hole with the chimney.

Goldberger and other patrons say the incident was preventable with security and cameras on the roof. He says management at the bank was aware that something was going on during the days before the heist.

Goldberger lost more than $300,000 in cash and jewelry. He says the lawsuit won't make up for lost sentimental items, like religious coins and a diamond bracelet that belonged to his deceased mother.