PARK SLOPE - Police say at least one bank robber fled on foot through Park Slope Thursday, putting two schools on high alert.

Many parents were concerned for their children as the incident came on the heels of an armed man entering a Cypress Hills school Wednesday.

"She was rather frantic and she said a bank robber ran down the street and she's not sure if [the suspect?s] in the school or not," said Linda Villarosa, whose child attends J.H.S. 51.

Police searched the school but came up empty in their search for two suspects who are alleged to have robbed an Astoria Federal Savings bank near the school.

Speculation swirled that one of the suspects ran into the school ? similar to what occurred at P.S. 108 on Wednesday ? but that proved to be unfounded.

Nevertheless, school staffers were said to have taken precautions.

?My homeroom teachers locked all the doors and put [us] all into a big huddle where we were out of the doors and windows," said Zack Shimmel, a student at the school.

Nearby P.S. 39 announced it also took precautions and called their kids in from recess.