BROOKLYN - Some Bay Bridge business owners are afraid the city will force them out of the neighborhood under eminent domain in order to expand a school.

"We're up against eminent domain, so we?re not going to fight it,? says Scott Turnbull, owner of Windows We Are. ?We can't fight it. We're going to play by their rules."

The New York City School Construction Authority is considering taking over Turnbull?s property and that of other small business owners, which they?ve owned for more than 20 years, to expand P.S./I.S. 104.

Turnbull emphasized that he is not against the school ? his sister teachers there. But he wants to send out the message: ?We're not for sale. That's the bottom line."

Dr. Roy Appel, whose 5th Avenue veterinary hospital is located on a property the city is also considering, says it is not a suitable place for a school because there is a gas station next door.

Appel says he is worried about the effect of fumes on children?s health.

A spokesperson for the Department of Education says it sent letters to businesses in the area, asking for access to look for a potential site, but no decision has been reached yet.

In April, Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain visited Windows Are We for a forum of small businesses.